Credit Card Basics


When you take out a credit card from a bank you are agreeing to pay back any money you spend on the card to that bank under specific rules. Credit cards are a wonderful and dangerous thing. They are not a great idea for the impulsive or the frivolous, but if you use them right they can be very helpful. Here are some credit card basics everyone should know.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser or planner. These are general credit concepts I have learned from experience and from reading my own credit card policy wording. Please read your own policy wording to confirm what applies to you.

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Where to buy make up and skincare if you live in New Zealand



I love a good Mecca Cosmetica purchase, but they don’t have a huge range of products compared to overseas competitors, and with Kirks closed and David Jones yet to open I’ve been doing a lot of online browsing. Here are my favourite online stores to buy Western make up and skincare from. Leave a comment below with your favourite online cosmetics sites that ship to NZ so we can compile a comprehensive list for all of us Kiwis!

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