My favorite apps

Now that I’ve upgraded to a new phone and can actually run software without my phone crashing, I’ve become very attached to certain applications. I thought I’d share my favorites with you.



Banking app

Banking has been so much easier to do now that banking apps are so good. It makes it so much harder to procrastinate paying bills when you can transfer money right on your phone. I’ve got my bank’s widget as well so I don’t even have to put in my pin to see my current balances. Because I’ve got my KiwiSaver with my bank I can easily see those savings too. Using my bank’s app makes it easy to stay on top of my spending and saving which I love, because money management easily stresses me out.

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Green beauty wishlist – top 10

Green beauty is something that’s grown on me in the past couple of years. With top quality brands like Tata Harper and May Lindstrom changing the way I think of natural beauty, my green beauty wishlist has been growing bigger and bigger. I thought I’d share my top 10 with you all. I’ve included approximate NZD prices as actual cost will often depend on the exchange rate.



Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst
Aprox $96.00NZD
Multiple  YouTube and blog reviews tell me this is a must have. I feel like this could be a gentle/natural alternative to my Sunday Riley Blue Moon (which I love). It uses pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate.

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Auckland Haul

I went to Auckland recently for a weekend getaway and obviously I had to do some shopping.  There isn’t much diversity in shopping across New Zealand cities, but I managed to find a few stores we don’t have down in Wellington. Read on to see what I picked up!


Tonic Room
This is the only New Zealand based shop I’ve come across that stocks premium organic brands. It stocks brands such as Bite Beauty, MV Organics, May Lindstrom, Tata Harper, and Sodashi. I went in wanting to pick up a Tata Harper cleanser and see what all the fuss was about with May Lindstrom’s products. May’s products looked and felt lovely – but the scent of her products was just far too overwhelming.  I would definitely suggest checking them out in store before you buy! I’ve had samples of most of Tata’s products before via Naturisimo, so I knew I wanted to get the Regenerating Cleanser ($130.00). Tata’s products are available online a little cheaper, but I was so impressed a NZ store was stocking these brands I had to make a purchase to support them. Plus there was the added bonus of not having to wait for shipping! I am loving the Regenerating cleanser so far, and hoping to pick up the Refreshing cleanser next.

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In store wishlist

Since I’m trying to get my savings back on track and can’t actually go shopping, I thought I’d do the next best thing and make a wishlist of things I want that are in New Zealand stores right now. Warning: there will be a lot of stripe patterned items in this list, as stripes are my jam.


lw6hfvs_0001_3-1 lw2ae8s_027786_2
bend-and-twist-tank power-y-tank

I can’t go into a Lululemon without adding something new to my wishlist.  Their stuff is so well made and functional. It’s so much nicer than much of what you can get in Rebel Sport these days, and I prefer it over the slim sportswear selection in the Wellington Nike store.

Fast As Light Crop $135.00NZD  I don’t think you can ever have too many Lululemon tights. I’m really into high waisted leggings at the moment and I find side pockets really useful. The Fast As Light Crop has both.
Beat the Heat Bra $79.00NZD  I don’t own any sports crop tops yet, but I want to. This would go nicely with a pair of high waisted cropped leggings over summer.
Bend and Twist Tank $79.00NZD  I like the simple twist detail in this tank, and the material is really soft.
Power Y Tank $69.00NZD  I love the Power Y Tank. I’ve purchased my fist one recently and I want more! I love these for yoga because they have a built in bra.

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How to be a runner (aka the slow runners club)



How to be a runner:

1. Get out and run.
2. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks.
3.Repeat (no matter how slow you are).

Running and I have had a tumultuous relationship from childhood. I am not a naturally fit person. In fact I sometimes I’m certain I’m naturally unfit. I was always the last to run around the block on school athletic days, and I was a goal keep in netball because it involved the least amount of running. I much preferred to spend my time reading books and doing arts and crafts.

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