Favorite make up brushes 

I love my beauty blender to bits, and I love applying my RMS products with fingers, but there are some situations were only brushes will suffice.  I hate applying foundation with a brush – it leaves me with a streaky, patchy mess, but when I feel like going down the powder route with my other face products there are a few key brushes that I rely on. Read on for my favourite brushes and what I use them for.

Paddle brush – Stila #08
I have had this thing for years and it is still going strong. I like it for lightly powdering the face either with my Laura Mericer to matt things down, or an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder to keep a little luminosity. This paddle brush isn’t too dense, and I can apply powder more lightly than I would be able too with a flat top powder brush. I don’t think they make the #8 anymore, but they do a similar one in a double ended brush (#24).

Eye shader brush – MAC #239
For a long time I didn’t have a good shading brush and I don’t know how I managed without one. This is great for  applying a wash of colour to the lower lid when I don’t want to take it up into the crease. It picks up shadow easily and applies it smoothly.

Highlighter brush – Wayne Goss #02
This thing is crazy soft and is great for putting highlighter. I prefer a soft pointed brush over a fan brush as I feel like it gives me more control over where my highlighter goes, and I can apply with a heavier hand to get that blinding glow.

Blending/crease brush – MAC #217

Gotta have a blending brush to blow out that crease! This is a slightly more paddle shaped one, but I also have more dome shaped ones and pointer ones. I think this Mac one is my favourite because it fits into my crease really well and keeps its shape rather than splaying out too much over time.  But I also love my Sigma, Wayne Goss, and Chikuhodo ones.

Flat top duo fibre – Sigma F50

I love this guy for dialing things down when I’ve gotten a little too heavy handed with the blush or contour. I just swirl it around on my cheeks and everything blends together a little more nicely. The fact that it’s duofibre means that it blends everything lightly and seamlessly.

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Where to buy make up and skincare if you live in New Zealand



I love a good Mecca Cosmetica purchase, but they don’t have a huge range of products compared to overseas competitors, and with Kirks closed and David Jones yet to open I’ve been doing a lot of online browsing. Here are my favourite online stores to buy Western make up and skincare from. Leave a comment below with your favourite online cosmetics sites that ship to NZ so we can compile a comprehensive list for all of us Kiwis!

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