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Since becoming a skincare addict I have scoured the web for skincare resources to indulge my obsession. There are loads of people on the web talking about make up and fashion, but it is a little harder to find people talking about skincare, and even harder to find people who are passionate about it. Here are the people I think you should follow for informed skincare advice. Let me know who your favourite skincare guru is in the comments below.
Disclaimer: People on social media may benefit from featuring or reviewing certain products, but may not always disclose this. Keep this in mind when deciding which products are best for you.



I prefer watching product reviews online to reading them as I can get a better sense of what the product is like. YouTubers will often do skincare swatches or film their skincare routines so I can get an idea of how a product emulsifies or absorbs. I love watching skincare favourites or travel kit videos so I can find out people’s must have skincare.


Caroline Hirons

Caroline is a British facialist with a no nonsense bedside manner. She is THE social media skincare queen, and an expert on all things skin. She has collaborated with make up and skincare brand Pixi to release her own cleanser, and with Cult Beauty to release the ever popular Cult Beauty Box. Proponent of the double cleansing method, I found Caroline through Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends, and Caroline has fueled my skincare obsession ever since. I like reading/watching most of what she does, but I think the “cheat sheets” on her blog are particularly helpful for a beginner.



Chris from TophCam is a beauty rep for numerous brands all while still being in school. Skincare for Chris is very emotive and calming, but product effectiveness is also central. He reviews a fair bit of green beauty but uses other products as well. If you’re interested in adding a bit of luxury to your skincare routine then head over to his channel.



Gothmista’s Renee has been in the beauty industry for 10 years. I love her focus on hydration and layering products. I originally began following her after discovering Asian skincare products, but she reviews both Asian and Western cosmetics. I find her videos very informative yet easy to listen to. She picks some really interesting products to review, and has covered topics like ‘Face Oils – What’s Best for Your Skin Type?’,  ‘Fermented Skincare – Why We Need It’, and ‘Moisturizers – Hydration vs. Moisture | Humectants, Emollients, Occlusives’.


Sam Bunting

Dr Sam is a recent find of mine while looking for dermatologists with a social media presence. She gives a doctor’s view on skincare issues. I find her videos very informative and easy to follow. In contrast to TophCam, for Dr Sam skincare is clinical and all about the results. You probably won’t see her reviewing much green beauty, but she does do content on a great range of skincare topics.


Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is a makeup artist and current creative director of Lancôme. Her videos are largely makeup related, but when she puts out skincare content I always listen. She has years of experience in the beauty industry and her recommendations seem well researched and tested. She’s the only make up artist I’ve found so far whose skincare advice I’d follow.




Instagram is a constant source of inspiration for my skincare wardrobe. I love looking at pictures of people’s skin routines and recent purchases! I also enjoy following the skincare challenge tags like #mayskinchallenge. Below are a few of my favorite skincare Instagramers.















A Little Bit
More Than Just Skin
Passporte Beaute
Liz Alaska Beauty
Hidden Harmony World
Emma H Beauty UK
Babers 415
Karolina Biskupie
Mar Preisler
Goals To Get Glowing

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