My favorite apps

Now that I’ve upgraded to a new phone and can actually run software without my phone crashing, I’ve become very attached to certain applications. I thought I’d share my favorites with you.



Banking app

Banking has been so much easier to do now that banking apps are so good. It makes it so much harder to procrastinate paying bills when you can transfer money right on your phone. I’ve got my bank’s widget as well so I don’t even have to put in my pin to see my current balances. Because I’ve got my KiwiSaver with my bank I can easily see those savings too. Using my bank’s app makes it easy to stay on top of my spending and saving which I love, because money management easily stresses me out.



Strava keeps me accountable for my weekly runs, and is also good at keeping a record of your fastest times. It synchs with my Garmin watch. I like keeping a record of all my runs so I can celebrate the little improvements.



Couple is my most frequent means of communication with my S.O. You can send your location and photos, it has a shared calendar and shared lists, you can draw pictures for/with each other, and there is even a live thumb print feature which might be nice if you’re doing long distance. It’s something a little more dedicated than  SMS,  Viber,  or FB Messanger.



I pair Google calendar with my Samsung calendar widget so that I get a month’s view to one of my smartphone screen home pages.  I can see everything at once and edit on the go. You can colour code and set reminders for events.



This is my favorite for editing photos. I like that the app is easy to use, and it has some great  filters available. You can open photos right from your photo galary for editing (I always found this finicky in VASCO Cam). They have all the standard cropping, rotating, and brightening functions, as well as blurring, glamor glow, and vintage filters.


Netflix NZ

I love this for TV shows. The movie selection is lacking, but I’ve  found a lot of great TV shows on here I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Check out Master of None, Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, Bojak Horseman, Black Mirror, Please Like Me, and Misfits. You can even download shows to watch away from WiFi.



YouTube Red and Google Music

YOUTUBE  Red is great for any YouTube obsessive (like me)  who spends time commuting by bus, train, or plane, or who holidays away from an Internet connection a lot. I download beauty and fashion videos to watch offline on the bus on the way to work or while I’m walking home. It also currently comes with a free Google music subscription which is my fave for running playlists. I just download the 2000s dance  stations and the current pop stations so I don’t use up mobile data listening to my favorite old school jams  on my runs. I would rate Google Music a very close second to Spotify, and better than Apple Music.


Instagram, Gmail, and weather

I have accuweather on my phone purely because I like the three day weather widget. It means I can keep an eye on the week’s weather forecast for doing washing and running home. I’ve also got the Gmail widget which shows me a snapshot of my inbox so I can deal with important mail and see how far away I am from the elusive inbox zero. Instagram is another app that gets a lot of love from me (although I miss the add free days).


Keep, Google docs, and Google sheets

These three are great for keeping my life  in order. I use Keep and Google Docs/Sheets for everything from doing a shopping list, to writing study notes, to logging life goals and action steps. I love that you can access them from any device and share documents with friends.



If you’re into learning then I love Udacity. You can download the videos to watch off line and there are quizzes to complete which test your understanding. Udacity is more for computer /science /math courses, but there are similar apps you can get for other topics. With apps like this you can take your learning on the road by downloading lessons.



Love Snapper for getting around on the busses in Wellington. The app is great and you can top up and check our balance really quickly. You can use Snapper to pay for things at some dairies, and also parking on a lot of Wellington CBD streets.



I’ve just recently downloaded the Kindle app, and I’m loving it. I’m learning to be better with money, and as part of that I’m reading some classic  money management books (automatic millionaire, rich dad poor dad ect.). Instead if going down the traditional paperback route I decided to try out Kindle. It has some great features, but my favorite is when there’s audio also available so I can decide at any moment whether I’d prefer I read or listen up my book.

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