Luxuries I can’t live without

Most of us have certain things in our lives we will spend a little extra on. From bought coffee to that fancy chocolate, we work hard for our money, so why shouldn’t we splash out on the occasional treat that will make us feel good? My luxury buys seem to either be in the cosmetic or fitness domains. When I put a little more effort into looking presentable I feel like I’ve got my sh*t together, and having good quality active wear motivates me to exercise more. Read on for the luxuries I can’t live without.


Good shampoo: I wash my hair every second or third day, and I tend to stick to higher end shampoos. I prefer sulphate free hair care, mainly as sulphates have been shown to be not so great for colored hair. There aren’t too many supermarket sulphate free shampoo options, so I buy the expensive stuff. At the moment I’m using L’Oréal EverPure range, the Trilogy Refresh and Shine shampoo, and I also love Kerastase Reflect Chroma Bain Shampoo (which is not sulphate free but is lovely and the most expensive of the three).


Good skincare: I like playing with make up, but skincare is my jam. My skin is dry but easily clogged, and if I don’t take care of it it will turn into a textured mess. It needs different things on different days, and I like to have a product for every situation. Technically a cleanser and a moisturizer should suffice most people, but I don’t stop there. I have a dedicated eye cream (I find one with a bit of retinol helps with lines under my eyes), multiple cleansers (depending on how clogged or dry my skin is feeling that day), several good moisturisers (a light one for day time, a heavy re-texturising one for night, an organic one, a gel/creme textured one etc.), AHA and BHA exfoliants (I’d be lost without these), and a clay face mask (I’d also be lost without this!).

A smartphone: I love my phone. I’ve written a post before on all the apps I use on my phone (My Favourite Apps), and my phone is currently my fastest/highest spec piece of technology. I use it for YouTube, taking notes, reminders, banking, listening to music on runs, my morning alarm, and more. I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S3 straight to a Galaxy s7 and I’ll never wait so long to upgrade again. Could not be without a good spec smartphone.


A Garmin watch: I love this thing. As someone who needs a reason to exercise it keeps me accountable for my running. Mine is an older model but it’s fine for me. I used to have a Nike+ watch but it was too bulky on my wrist and slow to pick up GPS signal. I ended up being gifted this one by someone who was upgrading. I have the Garmin app on my phone, but prefer to upload to Strava to view my runs.


Nike Vomeros: I like running shoes with a bit of cushioning,  and these are the comfiest I’ve found. I’ve tried on a lot of other brands and styles, but nothing else has felt as comfortable. They do have fat laces which come undone easily when I run, so I do have to double knot. I am thinking of trying out some New Balance Nimbus shoes next, but will always have a pair of Vomeros on hand.


Lululemon active wear: I love Lulu. It’s some of the best quality sportswear you can buy in store in NZ. I love that any pockets, zips, and flaps are first and foremost functional,  and not just for aesthetics or an afterthought. They really design with a woman in mind. I’d be lost without my Lululemon tights, windbreaker, and running bag! I also like Nike and Adidas. Nike does have a Wellington store, but there’s no much in the way of choice, and Adidas doesn’t have a Wellington store at all. Both have a good selections online, but I prefer to feel the fabric before I buy to make sure it’s something I can sweat comfortably in. Rebel Sport stocks Adidas and Nike, but the quality of the items they choose to stock seems lacking. Lululemon, on the other hand, always has great quality and their stuff lasts for years. I would love for Sweaty Betty or Lorna Jane to come over and shake up the NZ active wear scene!


Wireless earphones: I used to use a cheap $40.00 pair of Phillips headphones for listening to music on runs. I grew to hate the feeling of a wire running from my ears to a heavy phone bouncing around in my pocket. I also hated having to get my phone out on a run to change the volume or song. Wireless earphones solved all that for me. I can set a playlist to listen to, chuck my phone in my bag, and still have control over the music while running. I also don’t have to worry about threading my headphone wire under my shirt to stop it flapping around. I prefer ones that wrap around your ear, as otherwise they can wiggle loose while running (due to wireless ear buds often being heavier than wired ones).


Hand wash & hand creme: Hand wash can destroy the sensitive skin on my hands, leaving me with hangnails and ripped cuticles. I find the cheaper ones to be particularly rough on my hands, so I like to stick to the ones with added oils. My favourites are Palmolive Oil Infusions Hand Wash, and Wellington Apothecary Botanical Wash. I also have to have hand creme available every other time I wash my hands. At the moment I have the Essano Body Lotion in my bathroom, and I always carry The Body Shop mini hand cremes in my bag, as they are a great size, super moisturizing, sink in easily to the skin, and smell great.


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