Moisturiser wishlist for dry, easily congested skin


I’m a dry skinned gal, and a good moisturiser is the hardest  skincare item for me to find. Not only am I dry skinned, but my Jupiter-sized pores will suck in anything and everything, and clog up like nobodies business. Unless I’m careful with my exfoliation and choice of moisturiser, my nose and chin look straight out of a 101 Dalmatians movie (spots galore). Hence a good moisturiser will attain a holy grail status for me, and I’m always eager to find the ultimate one for dry, easily clogged skin. The following moisturisers are currently on my “to try” list.


I have tried this on my hand in store at Mecca Maxima and it feels like a balm-cream hybrid. It feels lovely and moisturising but not heavy.  The texture is similar to the Drops Of Youth moisturiser from The Bodyshop. I’ve never owned a moisturiser  with a texture like this and this one is on my list to by from Cult Beaty in the starter set with the serum and eye gel.
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How Kiwisaver works 

An aging population can put a strain on an economy. The more elderly people a country has, the more tax has to go towards superannuation. People often either put off saving until it’s too late, or underestimate the amount of money they will need to retire comfortably. The New Zealand government’s solution was to bring in Kiwisaver in 2007.

Kiwisaver is a voluntary government operated scheme where part of a person’s wage is invested every pay day until their retirement. When you start a job you will automatically be placed in Kiwisaver, but you are free to opt out. While in Kiwisaver your employer must also make contributions toward the balance. Once you reach retirement age (currently 65) you are eligible to withdraw your Kiwisaver balance (as long as you have been in Kiwisaver for 5 years already).

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Skincare Gurus You Need To Follow

Since becoming a skincare addict I have scoured the web for skincare resources to indulge my obsession. There are loads of people on the web talking about make up and fashion, but it is a little harder to find people talking about skincare, and even harder to find people who are passionate about it. Here are the people I think you should follow for informed skincare advice. Let me know who your favourite skincare guru is in the comments below.
Disclaimer: People on social media may benefit from featuring or reviewing certain products, but may not always disclose this. Keep this in mind when deciding which products are best for you.



I prefer watching product reviews online to reading them as I can get a better sense of what the product is like. YouTubers will often do skincare swatches or film their skincare routines so I can get an idea of how a product emulsifies or absorbs. I love watching skincare favourites or travel kit videos so I can find out people’s must have skincare.


Caroline Hirons

Caroline is a British facialist with a no nonsense bedside manner. She is THE social media skincare queen, and an expert on all things skin. She has collaborated with make up and skincare brand Pixi to release her own cleanser, and with Cult Beauty to release the ever popular Cult Beauty Box. Proponent of the double cleansing method, I found Caroline through Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends, and Caroline has fueled my skincare obsession ever since. I like reading/watching most of what she does, but I think the “cheat sheets” on her blog are particularly helpful for a beginner.

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Favorite make up brushes 

I love my beauty blender to bits, and I love applying my RMS products with fingers, but there are some situations were only brushes will suffice.  I hate applying foundation with a brush – it leaves me with a streaky, patchy mess, but when I feel like going down the powder route with my other face products there are a few key brushes that I rely on. Read on for my favourite brushes and what I use them for.

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Luxuries I can’t live without

Most of us have certain things in our lives we will spend a little extra on. From bought coffee to that fancy chocolate, we work hard for our money, so why shouldn’t we splash out on the occasional treat that will make us feel good? My luxury buys seem to either be in the cosmetic or fitness domains. When I put a little more effort into looking presentable I feel like I’ve got my sh*t together, and having good quality active wear motivates me to exercise more. Read on for the luxuries I can’t live without.


Good shampoo: I wash my hair every second or third day, and I tend to stick to higher end shampoos. I prefer sulphate free hair care, mainly as sulphates have been shown to be not so great for colored hair. There aren’t too many supermarket sulphate free shampoo options, so I buy the expensive stuff. At the moment I’m using L’Oréal EverPure range, the Trilogy Refresh and Shine shampoo, and I also love Kerastase Reflect Chroma Bain Shampoo (which is not sulphate free but is lovely and the most expensive of the three).

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